TRAINS OF THOUGHT - Welcome Aboard


The collaboration of writer Rhett Collier and photographer Sinden Collier has produced a conceptual museum quality book of original thoughts and images, aptly entitled: "TRAINS OF THOUGHT - Welcome Aboard!" The thoughts are visceral and stimulating, touching upon wisdom, reality, imagination and inspiring reflections. The images are ethereal, evoking mood and atmosphere in a painterly photographic style, each resonant to the thought with which it is paired. This pairing provides a central underscoring of the messages.

With the release of the book, T-2 LIFE®: Patterned After U will offer an inclusively designed collection of original t-shirts embodying the conceptual elements of "TRAINS OF THOUGHT - Welcome Aboard!" T-2 LIFE® welcomes the discriminating traveler to wear that thought which speaks to him or her


The price of a ticket is just a thought and the promise is no passenger lost.